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Cohiba cigars

Coronas Especiales Bn Cohiba

Coronas Especiales Bn brand

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25 cigars


Laguito No.2


The extravagant provocative appearances, it couldn't care less. This Puros is strictly elegant. Looking for depths and subtlety. It represents the eternal classic Havana.


Varnished wooden boxes containing 25 Havanas. Tins containing 5 Havanas, individually wrapped in cardboard.


Length: 152 mm
Diameter: 15.08 mm
Ring gauge: 38

Before lighting up

Like his elder, the Lanceros, it delivers a lot of cedar-spicy notes.


Dark honey notes with a gentle earthiness. We notice that it has not the round smoke of the Lanceros. The difference is due to the shape. The second third is marked by a woody spiciness.


It's spicy, with rare hints of cocoa and roasted nuts. An advice : control the draw, otherwise, you will have a nervous final. It's a daily cigar for connoisseurs, and a classic elegant after dinner Havana for amateurs. The Corona Especiales is simply the best Laguito N°2 ever made.

Coronas Especiales Bn
25 cigars for $0 only

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