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Robustos Slb Cohiba

Robustos Slb brand

Price: $638

25 cigars




Wide and short, with the legendary «orange» ring, this cigar has an extravagant look. It has been consecrated as the cigar's «Godfather». Prepared with exquisite care, it has many common characters with his elder brother, the Esplendidos.


Varnished wooden boxes with top slidig cover, containing 25 Havanas tied in bundles.


Length: 124 mm
Diameter: 19.84 mm
Ring gauge: 50

Before lighting up

The first puffs leave on your lips a very short salty taste. Then, Black honey notes are dominants, married to a gentle spiciness.


The Robustos benefits from the advantage of his particular size, which made of him a very generous cigar. It has an exellent draw. A delectable taste of black honey with hints of spiciness is dominant in the first third. In the second third, we noticed in addition some woody notes.


It is marked by a wild woody spiciness. For your brief appearance in a reception or a Gala, when you are conversing with three or four old acquaintances, responding to the question: why you have such a cigar? You say to yourself: "it's a Cohiba Robustos, it's the best", but you don't tell it, because you know that there is no need to be aware of the surroundings. With a smile, take a puff, and philosophise on the most primitive pleasures of life.

Smoking time

45 min - 1 hour 30 minutes

Robustos Slb
25 cigars for $638 only

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