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Cuban Combinaciones

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Cuban Combinaciones cigars

Photo Name Shape Cigars Price Add to cart
combinaciones-seleccion-robustos-2016.png Seleccion Robustos 2016 Robusto 6
Combinaciones-Estuche-X-Festival.gif Estuche X Festival Mixed 10
combinaciones-piramides-seleccion-2016.png Piramides seleccion 2016 Piramide/Torpedo 6
Combinaciones-Seconds-25.png Seconds Mixed 25
combinaciones-seleccion-petit-robustos.png Seleccion Petit Robustos Petit Robusto 10
combinaciones-seleccion-petit-robustos-2012-travel-retail.png Seleccion Petit Robustos 2012 Travel Retail Petit Robusto 10
Combinaciones-Travel-Retail-Selection-2008.gif Travel Retail Selection 2008 Mixed 3
Combinaciones are produced and presented by Habanos for sales in all La Casa del Habanos stores worldwide.
Estuche X Festival contain the most exclusive vitolas launched by Habanos s.a. in the last 10 years, including new products as well. Another product, Travel Retail Selection 2008, it is a perfect choice that will surely become a special gift for frequent flyers.
These great collections we offer will definitely gladden the genuine cigar Aficionado!

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