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Gloria Cubana cigars

We offer authentic cuban Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898 cigars.

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Gloria Cubana cigars

Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898 Gloria-Cubana

Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898 brand

Price: $339

25 cigars




In the Dalia Circle, this vitola is not always "Gold medalist". Even if the Ramon 8-9-8, the Siglo V, the Partagas 8-9-8 or the Inmensas are regular champions, the rank of the "Medaille d'or N.2" varies frequently between the second and the third place.


Varnished wooden cabinet


Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 17.07 mm
Ring gauge: 43

Medaille Dor No. 2 Cab. 898
25 cigars for $339 only

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