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Cuban H. Upmann cigars

H. Upmann
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H.-Upmann-Connossieur-No.-1-Slb.jpg Connoisseur No. 1 Slb Robusto 25
H.-Upmann-Epicures.gif Epicures Epicures 25
H.Upmann-Half-Corona-Tin-of-5.gif Half Corona Tin of 5 Half Corona 5
H.-Upmann-Magnum-46-Tubos-Pack-Of-3.gif Magnum 46 Tubos Pack Of 3 Corona Gorda 3
H.-Upmann-Magnum-50.gif Magnum 50 Super Robusto 25
H.-Upmann-Magnum-50-Tubos-Pack-Of-3.gif Magnum 50 Tubos Pack Of 3 Super Robusto 3
H.-Upmann-Majestic.gif Majestic Cremas 25
H.-Upmann-Petit-Coronas.gif Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25
H-Upmann-Connossieur-A-CDH.png Connossieur A Genios 25
H.-Upmann-Coronas.gif Coronas Corona 25
H.-Upmann-Coronas-Junior-Tubos.gif Coronas Junior Tubos Cadetes 25
H.-Upmann-Coronas-Major-Aluminium-Tube.gif Coronas Major Aluminium Tube Corona 25
H.-Upmann-Coronas-Minor-A-T.gif Coronas Minor A T Seoane 25
H.-Upmann-Half-Corona.gif Half Corona Half Corona 25
H.-Upmann-Lonsdales.gif Lonsdales Lonsdale 25
H.-Upmann-Magnum-46-In-Cabinets-Of-50.gif Magnum 46 In Cabinets Of 50 Corona Gorda 50
H.-Upmann-Magnum-46-in-packs-of-3.jpg Magnum 46 in packs of 3 Corona Gorda 3
H.-Upmann-Magnum-46-Slb.jpg Magnum 46 Slb Corona Gorda 25
H.-Upmann-Magnum-50-Box-Of-10.gif Magnum 50 Box Of 10 Super Robusto 10
H.-Upmann-Magnum-50-Slb-Cab-50.gif Magnum 50 Slb Cab 50 Super Robusto 50
H.-Upmann-Monarcas.jpg Monarcas Churchill/Julieta 25
H.-Upmann-Monarcas-A-T.jpg Monarcas A T Churchill/Julieta 25
H.-Upmann-Regalias.gif Regalias Petit Corona/Mareva 25
H.Upmann-Royal-Robusto.gif Royal Robusto Edmundo 10
H.-Upmann-Sir-Winston-Cabinet.jpg Sir Winston Cabinet Churchill/Julieta 25
H.-Upmann-Upmann-No.-2.gif Upmann No. 2 Piramide/Torpedo 25
The brand "H. Upmann" was developed by the brothers Hermann and August Hupmann and was introduced on October 15th in 1844. The popularity of this series of Habanos brands exceeded the expectations dreamed of by its creators. It is still highly ranked throughout time. This brand especially meets the taste of smokers who are fond of very strong tobacco. Its wrapper, darker than in other brands, stresses its flavor and fragrance and adds a sweet and spicy note. In the last century in Germany these cigars were served in silver salver. They were very successful in Germany and now this brand is a most cherished one in England. These premium cigars are backed by a charming appearance and are available in numerous sizes. H. Upmann Factory is today the Parent Company of the renowned Habanos Montecrist, Diplomaticos, and the pioneer of H.Upmann firm.

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