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We offer authentic cuban Double Epicure 2010 Travel Retail cigars.

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Hoyo De Monterrey cigars

Double Epicure 2010 Travel Retail Hoyo-De-Monterrey

Double Epicure 2010 Travel Retail brand

Price: $535

15 cigars




This is the fifth release in the Habanos Travel Retail series. The magnificent Hoyo de Monterrey Double Epicure with its white lacquered travel humidor was only produced in 4000 units and finally became available on the international markets in early 2012 after an initial programmed release for 2010. The humidor contains 15 Hoyo Double Epicures (50 ring gauge, 155mm) which are double banded, Hoyo and vitole bands. This Double Epicure size is unique and suits the Hoyo blend to a tee. The humidified Travel humidor in the Hoyo white allows you to travel whilst maintaining your cigars in ideal conditions. the Hoyo Double Epicure Travel Humidor is the perfect gift for any Cuban cigar Aficionado.


Length: 155 mm
Diameter: 19.84 mm
Ring gauge: 50

Double Epicure 2010 Travel Retail
15 cigars for $535 only

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