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Dumas SPB 20 Montecristo

Dumas SPB 20 brand

Price: $565

20 cigars




The Montecristo Linea 1935 Dumas Cigar is one of three premium cigars offered by Montecristo Cuban Cigars.

The Dumas is one of the smaller Cigars for sale from the Linea 1935 range and measures at just 130mm by a 49 ring gauge. This gorgeous cigar delivers a unique full-bodied profile, atypical to the brand's usual medium bodied flavour making it every Montecristo enthusiast's most desired cigar.

The smaller size and fuller flavour is sure to pack a mighty punch and is ideal for anyone who enjoys a complex and flavoursome smoke.

These full flavoured cigars are wrapped in a gorgeous Carmelite wrapper which give the cigar a jaw-dropping beautiful appearance.

Presented in the extra special lacquer brown box, with the traditional fleur-de-lis symbol on the front, this cigar also features not one or two bands, but three. The traditional Montecristo band, the Linea 1935 and vitola band and a final foot band, making it an instant and very unique collectible item.


Length: 130 mm
Ring gauge: 49

Dumas SPB 20
20 cigars for $565 only

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