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Rey Del Mundo cigars

Gran Corona Rey-Del-Mundo

Gran Corona brand

Price: $278

25 cigars


Corona Gorda


In the sixties Rey del Mundo was one of the top cuban brands. Nowadays it's not very well known; this is the reason why it still benefits of the same quality level as in the past.


BN box of 25 cigars


Length: 143 mm
Diameter: 18.26 mm
Ring gauge: 46

Before lighting up

Herbal taste with caracteristic acid notes on the tongue and lips.


Herbal and floral notes combined to a magic acid spicy taste. The draw must be controled otherwise your cigar burns rapidly and ends to a dry final. Well appreciated by amateurs and beginners as an after dinner cigar. Even if considered as a light Corona Gorda for connoisseurs, many of them appreciate it especially in a summer afternoon.

Gran Corona
25 cigars for $278 only

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