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We offer authentic cuban Prince Of Wales cigars.

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Romeo Y Julieta cigars

Prince Of Wales Romeo-Y-Julieta

Prince Of Wales brand

Price: $363

25 cigars




Romeo Y Julieta are among the Churchill's specialists.
They have three different Churchills:
Prince of Wales, Clemenceau and Churchill. In matter of tastes, the Prince of Wales introduces his brothers in being the smoothest one.




Length: 178 mm
Diameter: 18.65 mm

Before lighting up

Discreet herbal notes.


An elegant Prince: elegant shape and elegant generous draw.
A smooth smoke. Aromas are not so present. We have hints of herbal notes, and a gentle earthy taste. The second third offers from time to time some cinnamon notes.


The final is a little bit woody.
It's an excellent Churchill for the summer's afternoons. Try it with a fresh drink or with a special wine -(White or Rose)- after a "Provencal" meal. Amateurs of Hoyo Churchill are invited to try this Prince of Wales and to compare...

Prince Of Wales
25 cigars for $363 only

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