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We offer authentic cuban Vigia Cabinet of 12 cigars.

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Trinidad cigars

Vigia Cabinet of 12 Trinidad

Vigia Cabinet of 12 brand

Price: $287

12 cigars




This is a fantastic cigar. We get the creamy, comfort smooth blend that we all look for from a Trinidad, but this comes in a 54 ring and Petit Robusto package, which makes this cigar a little bit nervy. The result is one of the best Trinidad smokes we've ever enjoyed. Whilst other Trinidad formats are being discontinued, the Vigia is here to stay. Time will improve this cigar into another dimension.


Length: 110 mm
Ring gauge: 54

Before lighting up

Recognizable as a Trinidad by its pig tail, the Vigia is a lovely golden cigar that gets you salivating just when you see it.


Smooth and creamy like all Trinidad cigars, the Vigia gets a bit edgy due to its large ring gauge. The short size takes you straight into a final third type smoke.


An exciting finale that will mellow with time.

Vigia Cabinet of 12
12 cigars for $287 only

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