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Vegueros cigars

We offer authentic cuban Entretiempos Canister of 16 cigars.

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Vegueros cigars

Entretiempos Canister of 16 Vegueros

Entretiempos Canister of 16 brand

Price: $139

16 cigars


Petit Edmundo


With the creation of three new vitoles (Entretiempos, Tapados and Mañanitas), Habanos has re-vamped the Vegueros brand. A lifting that includes a new logo and new tin packaging of 16 cigars. The blend is more powerful than the original Vegueros vitoles, but remains mild compared to some of Cuba's power smokes. We still find the grassiness, so familiar to this brand. These cigars are young and the blend will need time to open out. One to try and who knows, it may just be what your palate has been searching for.


Length: 110 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Ring gauge: 52

Entretiempos Canister of 16
16 cigars for $139 only

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